Big House Wines, Big, Bold & Budget Friendly!

By Christopher J. Davies

One of California’s most respected and talented female winemakers, Georgetta
Dane is the person behind the success of Big House Wines. The marketing and
packaging equals that of one of the wine industry’s most successful wine
brand, Yellow Tail. But the quality and consistency of Big House Wines make
them a better value for the buck!

The brands marketing theme makes fun of the fact that Big House Wines are
made a rock throw away from the Soledad Correctional Facility. “I have heard
that several prisoner’s make wine at Soledad,” states Ms. Dane.

Keeping with the prison theme, Georgetta, the winemaker has assumed the
title of “Warden” at Big House Wines. Tasting sheets for her wines include
“Purp Profiles,” “Warden’s Comments,” Surveillance (winemaking),” “Food
Pairings” and “Rap Sheet” (aka wine facts).

Cute marketing aside, Big House Wines are world-class, quality driven,
sophisticated wines. The “Warden” is a master winemaker with more tricks up
her sleeves than Harry Houdini. Blending is a big thing in winemaking
especially when making a brands signature top shelf red wine. But Ms. Dane
takes blending quite seriously and blends as many as 20 different grapes
together to create her signature Big House White, which starts out with a
base of Viognier (27%), Malvasia (20%), Gruener Veltliner (13%),
Gewürztraminer (9%), Albarino (9%), Sauvignon Blanc (8%), Muscat Canelli
(7%), Chardonnay (4%), Riesling (1%), Pinot Grigio (1%) and Other Aromatic
Whites (1%).

With other wines Ms. Dane uses as many 5 different yeast types to extract
unique flavors from her grapes during fermentation. A lot of work goes into
making Big House wines. And while the majority of wine drinkers will never
understand what goes into making these fruit forward wines, wine lovers will
find joy in tasting them.

Big House Wines are available in standard 750ml bottles ($9.99) or 3L Boxes

Top Wines:

Big House White (2011) $9.99
Light pale color, great nose, crisp & clean tasting with violet aromas
Vinotasting.Com (4 Stars & Best Buy!)

Big House Unchained Naked Chardonnay (2010) $9.99
Stainless steel fermented, 5 different yeast types used to make a fragrant
& floral wine that pairs well seafood or pasta.
Vinotasting.Com (3.5 Stars & Best Buy!)
The Usual Suspect- Cabernet Sauvignon (2011) $9.99
Consists of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon and 24% Merlot. This wine is a virtual
fruit bomb that is jammy and juicy in the mouth. This wine is lush and
elegant. Pairs well with comfort foods like ribs, spaghetti Bolognese or
chocolate. Vinotasting.Com (4 Stars & Best Buy!)
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